Biarritz - Natural Scented Candle 180g

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Biarritz Natural Scented Candle in 180g edition.

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Ah, Biarritz… so famous that it could be called the Beach of Kings, the Queen of beaches.

At the rising sun, already the market of the Halles lovingly supplies the products of local cuisine; I’m strolling in a colourful setting which already delights me, before I yield to my appetite a little bit further, at the bottom of the great Lighthouse.

A few surfers let themselves be carried on by the southwester. I can hear them laugh, as they draw away from the shore; hour after hour, the sun passes, and it is then a pleasure to meet again around a delicious Taloa, admiring the plateau de l’Atalaye.

My trip is coming to an end, I am going home soon. But one thing is certain, I’m bringing back in my suitcase the sand, the rocks, the charm and the friendliness, a few muxus, this beautiful scented candle and my memories.

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