Paris - Natural Scented Candle 180g

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Paris Natural Scented Candle in 180g edition.

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Ah, Paris… the Eiffel Tower and the Tuileries, the City of Lights, what bliss!

City of love, which is still lasting and will forever last; and, from the Concorde to the Orangerie, Paris charms the day and Paris shines at night.

Then comes the crowd and the folly, the Trocadero and its surprises; the beauty of these 1001 shops, the sun shimmering on the still wet cobblestones. The Obelisque, the poetry, city of artists, where everything is possible.

I’m going home soon, my trip is coming to an end. But one thing is sure, I’m bringing back in my suitcase the charm, the freedom, the view from the roofs, a beautiful scented candle, and my memories.

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Vegetable wax (Colza, Coco)
burning time
+/- 50h
Diamètre : 7,5cm. Hauteur : 9cm.

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Paris - Natural Scented...


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