Côte d'Opale - Natural Scented Candle 150g

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Côte d'Opale Natural Scented Candle in 150g edition.

Côte d'Opale
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Ah, the Côte d’Opale… the two Capes charm me, between the rolling waves.

The white-chalk cliff overlooks the dune, by the great beach; and, further, a sand-yacht is joyfully sailing along a new path lined with sand.

From town to town, I’m relishing with the delights of the Côte d’Opale; the pastel-painted shutters are open wide, to happily welcome the fragrances spread over the delicate air, and from dawn to dusk, life is soft and full of charm.

I’m going home soon, my trip is coming to an end. But one thing is sure, I’m bringing back in my suitcase the calm, the kindness, dozens of postcards, this beautiful scented candle and my memories.

Côte d'Opale
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