Marseille - Natural Scented Candle 150g

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Marseille Scented Candle in 150g edition.

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Ah, Marseille… the iconic Phocean City certainly adds a little bit more wonder to the Mediterranean sea!

When the day breaks, it is at the heart of the Old Harbour that the City awakens. Along the quays, many try to catch a deal on fish, while others, sitting at a table, make the most of the show from the café’s terraces.

But at noon, they are all gathered to savour the bouillabaisse at last, under Bonne Mère’s gentle gaze. There is as much laughter as love, and a feeling of plenitude emanates from the Canebière, which enchants me.

I’m going home soon, my trip is coming to an end. But one thing is sure, I’m bringing back in my suitcase the heat, the generosity, the rocky inlets and the sun beams, this beautiful scented candle and my memories.

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