Lille - Natural Scented Candle 150g

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Lille Natural Scented Candle in 150g edition.

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Ah, Lille… the Grand’Place full of energy, and its café’s terraces, always busy; with the Lillois any excuse is good for euphoria.

Walking through the market of Wazemmes, admiring the Town Hall, paying a visit to the Queen of the Citadels, before ending the day on Place de La République; everything here is under the watchful eye of the belfry which, day and night, overlooks the city, that never seems to sleep.

But once the sun is set, Lille wears its midnight cloak, and with desire blends the joy, the laughters, the dances and the thousand symphonies – a vast bright painting giving everyone the feeling to finally live.

I’m going home soon, my trip is coming to an end. But one thing is sure, I’m bringing back in my suitcase the parties, the smiles, the streets covered with graffiti, a few drops of rain, this beautiful scented candle, and my memories.

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