Give a second life to your candles

Once the time elapsed, when you do not have a drop of wax left, the elegant glass and the cardboard case still remain. Let your imagination run wild to give them a second life. Recycle, decorate and enjoy again and again these completed scented candles.

In this article you will find some examples of second lives to give to your Disney scented candles.

Tip # 1: Amazing beauty accessories

Our make-up kits are often filled with various mascaras and eyeshadows. They sometimes have the charm of Mary Poppins magic thousand wonders’ bag and the same disadvantage: it might be difficult to find exactly the right pencil for the exact shade you precisely need today. Avoid the trouble of a tedious research by storing all your products in this little pretty glass jar. Your make-up sets will be visible, and immediately identifiable.

Another idea might be to store your ribbons, elastics or hair clips in this glass. A simple storage idea that is a lot more creative and stylish than using an old duffle bag! If you are afraid of breaking the glass, use the film-coated cardboard case: it is protected from water and moisture. Quite tasteful.

A last tip that I recommend as I have used it at home: I "upcycled" my Alice glass to store my cotton buds. Utterly more convenient and chic than the original plastic boxes in which they are contained. We could even use glass and case to store toothbrushes or toothpaste for children!

Tip # 2: Gourmet allies

Form matters as much as substance, in cooking as elsewhere.

Posh nibbling
Cherry tomatoes, served as toffee apples (caramelised and coated with sesame and served on wooden picks) are a sure choice to impress your guests. Cherry (tomato) on the cake: offer your candle-glass to deposit the wooden picks once the tomato has been deliciously consumed.

Tea time: every detail counts
For a nice cup of tea on a winter afternoon, do not get up to throw your tea bags in the bin and interrupt your conversation, simply bring your candle glass along with the tea cosy. Special dedication to the glass of our candle Aux Délices Alice of course...

Tip 3: Ah, the pretty table!

A dining table is always prettier decorated with pastels and petals. Fill your glass with water, drop in a very short cut gerbera and you're done! Or any other seasonal flower that might inspire you. Another option is to plant a small, succulent plant with a little soil. Finish the decoration with moss and your table will be worthy of a fairy tale. Moreover, if you choose a robust callisia, you can then put them on your desk for a long time.

Tip 4: A joyful storage box

Your candles glass and their cardboard case are, as a matter of fact, excellent storage of pencils, pens, markers and other crayons! Like the great Walt, reproduce the model that host your carmine red and your lime green. Pencils sheltered by a Mickey glass or a Minnie case: what a high patronage, a promise of creativity that takes shape before your amazed eyes.

Tip 5: A jewelry box

The tinkerbell candle in its wrapped case has already amazed little fairies. I know one who has kindly given me the candle and has spun in her room with this pretty ribbon box. Inside, she has placed her thousand treasures, her favourite pebbles, hair clips, little wooden jewels, even a milk tooth. And then she has learned to make beautiful shoelaces to close this wonders box. Fun and educational!

Tips n ° 6 to 250: Your turn to run wild

Be creative and send us your photos of original ideas for the second life of our candles, their glasses and their cases. The most beautiful will be rewarded!