Disney high-end eco-friendly candles

Our manufacturing secrets

From the very beginning of this adventure, our Disney Made In France scented candles have been exemplary from an ecological and social point of view. To manufacture these natural candles, in our Hauts-de-France workshops, we have put at your service quality and exceptional know-how from sourcing the materials to the final packaging.

Respectful source materials

Our scented candles are made out a 100% vegetable wax, based on a healthy selected soy. Our wax only uses products sourced in Europe or the United States. This vegetable wax is guaranteed without GMO. Perfectly clean, our candles do not contain any trace of paraffin. We are uncompromising in this commitment.

On the same philosophy, our wicks are made from a natural cotton which contains no additives.

These scented candles are healthy for your home and perfectly respectful of our planet.

Exclusive exclusive fragrances

Since we perfume your interior, we’ve carefully designed the fragrances in collaboration with a "Nose". Hours of testing were necessary to achieve perfect fragrances marriages. We have selected the most homogeneous and harmonious bouquet combinations to raise subtle and gourmet scents. All our perfumes come directly from Grasse, France. The olfactory notes were chosen in order to reproduce the inner nature of each character : what they suggest to the imagination of the child that remains inside us.

Quality packaging

Our core know-how, the packaging of our Disney scented candles, has been meticulously and ethically deployed. We have selected high-quality glasses and cases whose paper comes half from recycled paper fibres, the other half from responsible forests (FSC Label Mix). Similarly, all our inks are vegetable.

A lasting pleasure

You’ll enjoy this luxury product through a burning time of 50 to 60 hours on average. When you have finished, not a single drop of wax will remain in the glass.

Moreover the pattern we have specially designed for Mickey’s 90 years in a pretty resin pot, can be refilled to extend the pleasure!

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